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Analytical paths

Our purpose is to give you the tools to Know Yourself so you can be the Change you want to see in the World (thank you, Ghandi). The James Hillman Institute in the Americas offers a series of analytical paths which aim at initiating you to a journey of Self-knowledge and realization through the lens of archetypal psychology and sustainability that we call ecopsychoanalysis.

This journey is a process that C. G. Jung calls individuation, which starts when the conscious ‘I’ fully abandons itself to this intimate process of evolution, as it starts trusting the unconscious purpose behind it. Jung points out at the healing power of the word, an intuition that goes back to Antifonte, the first ever recorded philosopher to have practiced word-therapy, in V  century B.C. Athens.  

Ours is a soul counseling approach that stands on the shoulders of giants. We express our acorn  as we accompany you, i.e. the analysand (term coined by Dr. Cardelli), in your journey through two complementary modes of psychoanalytical counseling:




Individual analysis

Fundamental to anyone wanting to start a journey of self-discovery through an ecopsychonalytical lens, individual analysis elaborates on existential questionings based on the analysand’s life experiences.

Group meetings

Meant to deepen philosophical and psychoanalytical concepts through themes of conversation that are proposed and discussed, group meetings are a great complement to individual analysis, and require it.

Commitment to both analytical pathways counts towards the analysand’s professional training as Analytical Philosopher, Philosophical Analyst for Individuation, Existential Consultant, Soul Counselor, Professional Confidant, Spiritual Consultant accredited by AAP – Association of Analytical Philosophers (AFA – Associazione Filosofi Analisti 'NOÛS'), and even Psychoanalyst endorsed by JHAPA – Jung Hillman Archetypal Psychoanalysis Association, if deemed eligible by the analyst.

Please check out the International Master School on Soul Studies and Self-Philosophy for more information on each pathway, training requirements, and the Director for registration through tuition and AAP annual membership payment.


C. G. Jung, Man and its Symbols. Section by Marie Louise von Frantz, The Process of Individuation.

James Hillman, The Soul’s Code.


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