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Courses & Events

The Ecopsychoanalysis initiative at the James Hillman Institute in the Americas supports, amplifies, and enriches the activities of the Institute at the international level, with a focus on the Southern and Northern American territories. These include open events to anyone interested in what we do:

AAP and JHAPA group seminars and conferences

AAP and JHAPA members can participate in Group meetings for specific seminars, even present a topic of their interest for discussion, and attend JHAPA yearly conferences.

Courses at L.U.I.S.A. Libera Università Internazionale di Studi sull’Anima

L.U.I.S.A. was born for the research, development and promotion of the field of ‘Soul Studies’, examining the different philosophical conceptions and visions of the soul through a trans-disciplinary lens (e.g. depth psychology, ecological economics, curative architecture, affect education, and religion).

Please note that open events do not alone qualify as part of training at the International Master School on Soul Studies and Self-Philosophy.

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