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Story of the Becoming

An idea came about during an analysis session with Dr. Daniele Cardelli, Founder and Director of the James Hillman Institute, where I am in advanced training and whose international development I coordinate.

Wondering about how my expertise in sustainability and my deepened knowledge of self and life would shape into a new endeavor, as I played with the concepts of ecopsychology and archetypal psychoanalysis, a term came to Dr. Cardelli’s mind –ecopsychonalysis, or ecoanalysis (for short). This term grasps what I develop and offer at this moment of my life.


Standing on the shoulders of giants, I cannot but start by mentioning my psychoanalyst Daniele Cardelli, who has dedicated his life and career to the enhancement and diffusion of James Hillman’s philosophical and psychoanalytical heritage, with, of course, a personal touch. I also thank the many people that have contributed to my ‘soul making’, as Dr. Hillman calls the process of interrogating oneself– teachers, partners, family and parents, who, moved by similar forces than mine, exposed me to a value rich, challenging, and culturally diverse upbringing.


 2nd-3rd century tauroctony scene of God Mithra slaying the bull in a cave, Louvre Museum

Director profile

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Born American from an Italian father and Chilean mother, Catalina Cecchi Hucke is an expert in Sustainability, Climate Change, and Stakeholder Relations, with a track record multi-disciplinary  project management in private and public organizations at the international level. Master’s in Economics for Sustainable Development from the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris and in Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia, where she also earned a Bachelor’s in Anthropology. From early age had an inclination for existential philosophy. This ultimately took her to explore different approaches to therapy, from clinical and behavioral psychology to meditation. 


In search for a training in Jungian psychoanalysis, she found Dr. Cardelli’s International Master School on Soul Studies, Self-philosophy and Depth Analysis, at the James Hillman Institute, based in Florence, supported by AFA 'Associazione Filosofi Analisti', i.e. NOUS, in English AAP – Association of Analytical Philosophers, and JHAPA – Jung Hillman Archetypal Psychoanalysis Association. She is now in advanced training as an analytical philosopher and archetypal psychoanalyst at the James Hillman Institute, for which she coordinates international development, and is responsible of the Institute in the Americas. Catalina also teaches and assists in courses at Libera Università Internazionale di Studi sull’Anima (L.U.I.S.A.).

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